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April, 2010


The Zen
of JR LIGGETT'S Bar Shampoo

     by Dick Morrissey

We are reminded of the exhortation that we often heard as small children, "cleanliness is next to godliness". In essence washing our hair and body is an act of purification where the process is as meaningful as the outcome. There is joy in focusing our senses on the act of shampooing with a mild, silky smooth formulation that cleans our hair and follicles without irritation and without stripping hair and skin of their protective natural oils. Because the shampoo allows ones hair and scalp to retain sufficient natural oils, using a conditioner is unnecessary and superfluous. The shampoo bar not only cleanses our body and hair it activates our bodies' natural healing process. It symbolizes a transformation to a renewed pure state that empowers us to meet the new day with clarity and energy. There are people that even claim their hair loss has reversed itself.

Because of its purity and its multiple uses The JR LIGGETT'S Shampoo Bar becomes an integral part of our daily life. As we use the bar shampoo day in and day out and experience its healthful benefits we bond with the product. It enables us to simply our lifestyle and it becomes a positive agent for renewal. It reinforces our self esteem and peace of mind because we are affirmatively enhancing our well being in harmony with our environment. We are happily compelled to share our discovery with family and friends so they also can experience the exhilarating benefits 500 Cashof the shampoo bar. We know they in turn will want to communicate their discovery of this wonderful product with others. The beauty of the Bar Shampoo is that it is beneficial to users of all ages: The Young because it is so mild; The Elderly because as people age they tend to lose natural oils and with this formula they retain and can often regenerate natural oils; Those with skin sensitivities, because of the mild non-irritating formula which also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. In effect the user demographics for JR LIGGETT'S Bar Shampoo is virtually universal.

The bar is not only superb for hair and body it also provides for a simple, easy and effective shaving experience. The bar also loves fabric and is perfect for cleaning socks and under garments. When we camp we can use the shampoo bar to clean our mess gear. Instead of packing bottles of conditioners, cans of shaving cream and packets of  detergent cleaners we just need to bring The Shampoo Bar. With the bar we can travel light, secure in the knowledge that our 3.5 ounce dynamic companion can effectively serve all of our cleaning needs with zero waste and without negatively impacting the environment. This Shampoo Bar has effectively served users for over 25 years. Due to accelerating environmental stresses and today's ultra mobile society the applicability of the Bar Shampoo is a no brainer. Whether camping, sailing, on military maneuvers, going to the gym, traveling on short trips or long trips or everyday home use JR LIGGETT'S Bar Shampoo is the perfect shampoo, cleaner for today and tomorrow.

What value can be placed on a bar that optimizes our health, appearance and spirit, and is environmentally correct? A bar that we want to and can, take anywhere and everywhere. everywhere.


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