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August, 2010

   Z pouch Aug

Drum Roll Please!
Introducing J.R.LIGGETT'S
new eZ-pouch

    We can't help it... when we come up with a new product that totally blows our mind and sends us into fits of excitement and well-deserved admiration, we just have to share our enthusiasm! Seems to me J.R. must spend most of his time brainstorming on how to make life more of a smooth ride for the rest of us... now, he's gone and done it again. This time, our resident modern genius has designed a sweet little addition to his line of 100% awesome body products and easy to use travel accessories... introducing our brand new

'eZ-Pouch', an incredibly clever carrying and traveling pouch made specifically with convenience and portability in mind.
How could a neat little package pack such a wallop? Simple! Constructed of a strong yet pliable, bright yellow, water repellant material, with a sturdy snapped closure, and fitting neatly and comfortably in the palm of your hand, this baby delivers from every conceivable angle! The accompanying Ultra Balanced Shampoo bar slides out easily on it's patented 'eZ-strip'. The strip is designed to wrap around three sides of the shampoo bar so that the bar can be smoothly inserted into and removed from the eZ-Pouch. The eZ-strip is made of the same moisture resistant material as the pouch, and like the eZ-Pouch, it can be tossed in the machine or quickly washed by hand. Used outside of the eZ-Pouch, the strip also serves as a convenient mat to rest the shampoo bar on so there's no adherence of debris while camping or backpacking.


'Perfect fit' applies not only to size, but also to situation. The new eZ-Pouch is incredibly transportable and can be tucked into pockets, purses, suitcases, briefcases, travel bags, gym bags and also has a handy belt loop so it can be simply attached to belts, backpacks, tents, etc.

And who couldn't spot this in the jumble of their belongings? It's eye-catching and striking color combination practically jumps right out at you--no more digging and frustration when the occasion calls for your shampoo bar. And no more forgetting and leaving your shampoo bar who knows where--it's practically impossible with an item this noticeable. You'd better guard this with your life--everyone will covet this handy, well-designed, and amazingly versatile, stylish gem! It's good looks seemingly shout, 'grab and go'!

The eZ-Pouch can be used with all J.R.LIGGETT'S full sized Shampoo Bars, plus, J.R.'s seen fit to tuck a full sized bar of his new Ultra Balanced Shampoo Bar--that ingenious combination of ingredients designed for all hair types, inside to make things extra simple and easy for you to hit the ground running. I'd call that a 'double whammy'! So many options...the zippered Mini Traveler, the larger, durable Natural Traveler, and now, the extremely portative eZ-Pouch... We're happily expecting the 'Furthest Traveled Bar' contest to be over-run with entrants now-- absolutely no excuses will be necessary nor accepted with all the convenient traveling options J.R.LIGGETT'S has made available!

So there you have it... the new incredible eZ-Pouch is your 'to the ends of the earth' answer for all life's traveling dilemmas and destinations... anytime, anywhere, and for anyone. The solution is so easy..


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