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August, 2010

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 Pictured L-R: Jennifer Young, Maura Koeller (REI) Ben Bauter, Denver Allen

A Big Hit at the OR Show!!!

The Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, UT is one of our biggest, best and most fun shows where we exhibit our products each year at this time. This is our 11th year with this enormous trade show. It's the largest show dedicated strictly to Outdoor Products and is attended primarily by Buyers, Owners and Personel from Retail Stores like LL Bean, REI, EMS, Fred Meyer and the Mast General Stores amongst the largest to the many smaller

500 Cash
A big Fan of Fergie'

privately owned stores like Duluth Pack located in Duluth, MI who had a booth right across from ours.
From the very first person who stopped by our booth at 9 am on Monday the first day of the 4 day show, it was     WOW, how cool!
To say our new "eZ-pouch" and "Ultra Balanced" shampoo bar had a warm reception is a real understatement. I think we have a winner on our hands that is going to be one of our biggest ever products!

500 Cash
Dave Lyle (outfitter)

There were over 5,000 retailers from all over the world, converging on SLC to see the newest, slickest stuff designed for travel and the outdoor market. There were over 1,000 exhibitors presenting their newest and best products from all over the world. A very international show sponsored by Salt Lake City, UT a city that really goes all out to make the participants comfortable and welcome.

Each person stopping by our booth were given a sample size bar and introduced to our newest products and the rest of our line like our Fergie's Shampoo which was a big hit with all the many dogs at the show. They all fell in love with Fergie and her shampoo. Our Body Washes were also a big hit as well as all the rest of our shampoo bar line.

People now had a choice between our Natural Traveler with it's hard case and free camp towel wash cloth, to our new eZ-pouch with it's simplicity and lower cost, to our terrific Mini Traveler and Mini Traveler Refills also with a free camp towel wash cloth. The addition of our new eZ-Pouch nicely filled out the options for traveling "easily" with our shampoo bars.

For a show that has newly discovered the value of environmentally friendly products such as ours (nearly the only one for personal care in entire industry) visitors were taken aback by how "Green" our products were with NO Detergents, No Liquids to spill, Designed especially for your hair, it's multitasking abilities and is truly being a 100% Bio-degradable (unlike other that merely make the claim but in reality are not, at least within your life time).

After four days of showing and telling visitors about our products and how well they work we were pretty exhausted, but the time sure did fly by. We were visited by several large Retailers who had numerous stores interested in carrying our products so this may help us reach all the users that continually ask "where can I find your products locally?".

It is our goal to teach the world about our unique products, increase their usage and maybe, just maybe lend a helping hand in keeping our world a healthy place for our children and for small dogs.


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