The Soap Box

December, 2010

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It's the fit

As with anything that becomes perfect, it is the fit that dictates the end feeling of comfort.
A pair of blue jeans that are broken in and conform to your body as if custom molded.
A pair of gloves, old shoes, the right shirt, a pan that cooks the best omlets, it' endless...
You try it for the first time and it works. Works in a way that is new and interesting for you.
It's J.R.LIGGETT'S Shampoo.
It cleans, refreshes, promotes & enriches by not stripping what's good, just feels good - right.
It travels with style, compact and amazingly Air Line Friendly in a time like this?
Covers all the bases - hair shampoo, body soap, shaving soap, gentle & natural for clothes.
The caressing, the clean, the feel, the suds, the clean rinse all adds up to how it fits your body.
The storage, the stowage, the efficient and compact bar that simply glistens when it is used.
TSA is good to go. Luggage & Backpacks are safe. A hotel room homey?  Well yea - familiar.
Clean to go is yet another incredible feeling that comes from a morning shower session.
Skipping down the street, it's easy when you feel as though the load has been lightened.
Simplicity comes into play with the way something just seems to "fit".
Funny almost, how it can make you feel so goood!

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