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July, 2010

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Dog days of summer

Before I go any further, Joy says I must introduce myself... good manners and all that. I'm Pete, Joy's Miniature Schnauzer, and I'm going to clue you in as to what goes on behind the scenes around my house. I'm the only child here, so I get a lots of loving attention--mostly from my Mom person. Seems like she needs someone to 'mother', so I happily oblige her. On the other hand, my Dad person (Lloyd) seems a bit indifferent to me, but I'm loyal nonetheless as he seems to like my mom quite a bit. I always say, whoever is a friend of Mom's, is a friend of mine.

That said (barked), you'd think I'd have a pretty laid back life here in the Midwest, but not so! Ever since Joy discovered JR Liggett's shampoo bar, she's been on her own personal soap box sharing the awesomeness of JR's body products. This means that everyone she comes across gets an ear-full about the marvelous ingredients Jim uses for his shampoo bar, scrubs, shaving foam, and body washes. But here's where I fit in the picture: I like to share my love and admiration for 'My Dog Fergie's Shampoo', named after JR Liggett's pretty little Jack Russell Terrier. >Sigh< Unbeknownst to Fergie, I have a crush on her. Joy has placed a framed photo of that spunky little girl right next to my bed so I can have sweet dreams at night. Before I doze off, I gaze at those bright eyes, cute ears and sweet little face, and it's delightful thoughts for me all night long. Joy says when I'm sleeping and my little paws and legs are moving and I make those little woofing sounds, she knows Fergie and I are out for a romp... Bark Out Loud!

But back to the nitty-gritty of a dog's life around here... Usually I'm the first one awake in the morning... "C'mon guys, up and at em! I've got needs"! After I do my thing in the back yard, chase a rabbit, traipse through Joy's flower bed, and say a quick hello sniff through the fence to Jake, the mixed Lab next door (more about him later), I burst through the doggie door and come to a screeching halt in the kitchen. I gobble down my breakfast in seconds, look at mom and ask, "What's happenin' today?" This morning, things seemed a bit out of kilter as Joy was rushing around putting the finishing touches on a morning coffee with her friends-- she's somewhat of a perfectionist, so things had to be 'just so'. The way I see it, 'just so' as they notice me and share a bit of their delicious looking coffee cake, I'm a lucky dog.

As the ladies arrive, I give them all a friendly, welcoming sniff and an enthusiastic stubby tail wag, then retreat to my vantage point (under the table) to observe and discretely listen. I let out a sigh and lay my head on my paws, cleverly feigning disinterest. I do this quite often, and it fools my humans all the time, however, I this time I did make mental notes, and here is what unfolded: Joy had previously shared with the ladies about JR's shampoo bars, and had gone ahead and placed several orders. Jill was interested in the Herbal formula as she liked the anti-oxidant properties of Rosemary, the clean scent and anti-fungal/antiseptic properties of Lavender, and how Cedarwood has a calming and soothing effect on the mind. Susan had been won over with the Dry and Damaged Formula containing Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and almond oil as she has been coloring her hair for years and it's drying effects were not a pretty sight! Jenny is always open to a new experience, so she stocked up on JR's New Ultra-Balanced Shampoo Bar with Jojoba as it's main ingredient. Joy said Jojoba normalizes your hair's moisture and maintains it's balance, so it works for all hair types, besides, it's unscented and Jill said she likes that 'clean' aspect. All the ladies had plans to travel this summer, so Joy had convinced them of the need and simple ease of using the 'Traveler' to keep their shampoo bars dry and handy. But exciting news here--- all the ladies had ordered extra Travelers for their husbands who went on camping, fishing and business trips. The talk around the table always seems to center around the husbands, so I think this was a most thoughtful gesture on the ladies' part. The ladies must have slipped out while I was enjoying a bit of shut-eye, as I woke to find a generous slice of coffee cake in my dish--my reward for being a perfect gentleman. Mmmm... cinnamon streusel, my favorite, paws down.

The day was off to a good start! I'd slyly earned my first treat, and was looking forward to more opportunities to use my charms. Recently I had heard Joy say she needed to weed her flower bed, so while she was busy typing away on the computer and talking to herself (something about a newsletter deadline), I saw my chance. I slipped out the doggie door and trotted over to her flowers. She's always complaining about how she's tired of weeding, and swears she's going to get rid of all her flowers, so I just took it upon myself to ease her workload. We Schnauzers are known for our outstanding digging capabilities, and I'm one of the world's best... I started around the peonies, dug my way to the marigolds, and ended up excavating the roses. I even managed a few chomps on the coreopsis as I burrowed by--they looked like they needed deadheading anyway... I dug, clawed, uprooted and became covered in dirt, mulch and leaves---Joy was going to be pawsitivly happy and relieved that I had made myself useful! I was earning my keep! This was going to result in a whopper of a treat... maybe steak! But then I heard a shriek and quickly realized I was being grabbed by... Joy? Oh, good! Yes, I did do this... yes, you are welcome.... anytime, anytime at all, I love to help... But Joy seemed to be saying something about a bad dog, and I found myself being swiftly brought inside and placed in the tub. I noticed her reaching for the bottle of 'My Dog Fergie's shampoo... this was more than I had hoped for, and any excuse to gaze at Fergie is good enough for me. As the water was running and Joy was fuming, I got into a good lather. I was scrubbed from nose to stub and everywhere in-between. I can't tell you how much I love Fergie's. It's detergent free and so gentle and mild, it only removes excess oils and dirt from my coat, leaving me soft, smelling good, and totally pettable. I especially like the addition of Neem oil which keeps me flea, tick, and biting insect free...all that pesky scratching and itching is nothing more than a bad memory! All dried off and hey, I came out of this one smelling like a rose!

Wow, things were turning out better than I had imagined! I'd had cake, helped mom with her flowers, and now it was time to stand guard for the mailman's visit. I like the mailman... he's who we count on to deliver our orders from JR Liggett. Fortunately for all of us, Mom stays on top of keeping the bathroom stocked with JR's products. We always have a stack of shampoo bars ready for grabbing (Mom's favorite is the Jojoba and Peppermint), so when a bar gets thin and bendy-like, she just slaps on another one and presto, we're back in business! No muss, no fuss... it's her all around bathing product as she uses it not just for her hair, but since it's so mild and non-drying, for a body soap too. I've even caught her using it for shaving her legs, good thing they're not as hairy as mine... Lloyd likes it too even though he really can count the hairs on his head. Looks like today we hit the jackpot! Mom got her order of mini-bars and some nifty brochures to hand out to friends. She says when you find a product that you know is top-notch, and you love and believe in it, you can't help but tell everyone about it. From what I've heard, she's true to her word---she shares with friends, family, and even her hair dresser where they sell that fancy-schmancy high priced designer shampoo that (gulp!) is full of SLS! Mom detests SLS!  She sure is one on-fire lady when it comes to spreading the good news about JR Liggett's shampoo bar!

Mom got me all clean and spiffy just in time-- yippee! Dad's home from work! He always heads for his vegetable garden to water and admire the growth. I'd join him, but he's not big on dogs in the garden--he doesn't appreciate my help like Mom does. I play 'good dog' and sit and watch as the dirt and dust flies and the sweat drips off his brow. I know what he's looking forward to... but I'm not sharing Fergie's with him! He'll have to be content with JR's shampoo bar, body wash and shaving foam-- he especially likes the shaving foam's moisturizing oils that last long after he's rinsed off his face. Joy said considering all of JR's products we use around here, it appears that we have a 'JR Liggett house'!

While Mom and Dad scarfed down dinner, I thought I'd trot out to the back yard and have a quick peek through the fence hole to visit with Jake, whom I had mentioned earlier. A few dog years older than me, and plenty wiser I came to find out, Jake had briefly spent some months on the 'outside' as a stray and had plenty of moxie to show for it. See, me and Jake are pretty close buds, even if the only contact we've had is through the spaces in the fence. Jake spends most of his time outdoors, and whew, does he ever need a good scrub! I've repeatedly tried to turn him on to Fergie's, told him how it won't dry up his skin, leaves his coat smooth, shiny and very pettable, and has that good Neem oil stuff. I figured it would work great for him, and the way I see it, since he would smell so terrific, he'd get to spend more time inside his human's house, but do you think he listens to me? Geesh. Maybe if I tell Joy, she'll tell Jake's mom... I mean, what are friends for? And here's what both me and Jake give a passionate 'paws up' to--no animal testing or animal by-products in ANY of JR's products --just the thought of that gives both of us the heebie-jeebies!

But back to my story... I got on a rabbit trail there, and you know how I like to chase rabbits... Jake calls me over to the fence and slyly points out that Dad left the side gate open... "Now's yer chance to make a run fer it"!  (Jake's Pappy, a travelin' man, hails from the 'back country' where Jake spent his formative months). "C'mon, son! There's plenty 'o women out there---Fergie's not the only girl in the world"!  As I stand there, debating whether to make my escape and find out what life is like on the streets, I hear Joy calling me in for the night. Looks like my adventure will have to be put on hold, as next thing I know I'm snuggled on her lap and she's starting in on her stories of when she lived in a place actually named 'Dogtown'-- if you can believe that!  Mom's such a kidder, she's always tryin' to pull the dog fur over my eyes!  I just let out a big old sigh, roll my eyes, and stretch out, cause I know it's going to be a real snooze. I lead such a ruff life.


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