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July, 2010

randpa July

"just don't get it"

It's that time of year... high school and family reunions, picnics, vacations. Tasty food, good memories, reconnecting, a lot of laughs, and a great time to share about JR LIGGETT'S shampoo bar, right? Well, maybe you've come across a few of the following looks when people ask "what's new in your life and why does your hair look so great?" However, some people just don't get it. I know and you know JR LIGGETT'S shampoo bar is a great product, but the reactions and expressions you experience when sharing your enthusiasm, sometimes cause you to just shake your head in disbelief. But since I'm a walking, talking billboard for J.R.'s shampoo, I'm prepared, I'm armed!. I keep a stash of mini bars on my person, so I can put all these negative reactions to rest once and for all!

ichelle  July

How about the 'Disinterested Nod'? It's usually reserved for friends, relatives, and people they are trying to be kind to, when actually they would rather be having a root canal than listening to you. A tight, closed mouth smile accompanies this mind set while they are secretly thinking, "What's so special about a bar of soap and why is this person telling me to use it on my hair?" Their eyes glaze over and they excuse themselves from your presence by saying they just spied Uncle Frank and need to ask him about his appendectomy. So, as I strolled past Cousin Sam listening intently to Uncle Frank and admiring his post-operative scar, I tossed them a couple of mini bars and shared how the Tea Tree and Hemp oil formula could help with Sam's thinning hair, and those ugly sores of an indefinable origin on Uncle Frank's scalp. It wasn't but a couple of weeks later that I heard from the two of them--now they're enthusiastic converts! Volia'! The 'Disinterested' just became interested.
The 'Head Bobber' can fool you if you're not careful...they come across as being on your side. They appear to understand the concept of a shampoo bar, even throwing in some "wows" and, "That's really interesting!" As soon as you turn away, thinking you've actually busted down the door, they're off like a shot in the opposite direction headed for the hot wings and three bean salad, never to think of a (shudder!) shampoo bar again! Within the next few days though, I ran into the 'Head Bobber' who actually began quizzing me about "that shampoo bar". I gifted her with a handy mini bar and lo and behold, by the end of the week, I got a call from her saying she had placed an order for a year's worth of the Original Formula shampoo bar. Looks like she had a light bulb moment!

Or, take Great Aunt Gerta...please. Gerta... what a great gal. Opinionated, stubborn, even ornery... but hey, she's family. She asks if you've ever gotten a job and why aren't you married yet? You politely ignore the questions and launch into your admiration for JRLiggett's shampoo bar. The 'Deer in the Headlights' look covers Gerta's face and stops you dead in your tracks. You've surprised her, thrown her off guard and she's not about to consider your product! She says shampoo has always been a liquid and always will be. She claims a bar is nothing more than 'dehydrated shampoo' and the stuff she buys at Mega Mart for $4.99 a gallon is good enough!  But I decide to cut Aunt Gerta some slack, hand her one of the mini bars and ask her to try it--no strings attached! Just today I received a letter from her. I tell ya, the girl's got spunk! She reported that JR LIGGETT'S bar kept her long hair tangle free, soft, and shiny--in fact she had never seen it in such great condition! Now she's telling all her friends about it... Wonders never cease!

And then sometimes you hit a 'home run' right off the bat... you witness the 'Puzzled Look'. You won't be wasting your time on this one. They're open, curious. They're eager to try. They ask intelligent questions.  You'll break down the wall with this one...

Just a couple weeks ago at the grocery store, as I was standing in line at the check out, I noticed a young mother in front of me eyeing the contents of my cart. I was surprised when she asked about my stack of JR LIGGETT'S shampoo bars. Well, you know me, never one to pass up an opportunity to share the good news... I grabbed a bar and began telling her what first caught my attention and how it's now the only product I'll use not only for shampooing but for skin care also. She seemed open and curious, although a tad puzzled. But her ears really perked up when I mentioned that the bar was perfect for babies and young children. I explained how Sodium Lauryl Sulfates and other related substances can penetrate the eyes and other tissues, which is of special significance where considerable growth is occurring--- she could totally relate to that. I also told her (the line was moving slowly) how gentle the shampoo is and contains no harsh detergents, the organic oils that are added and their unique properties, how Jojoba was perfect for treating cradle cap in babies and how the bar is healthy and great for everyone's hair needs. She asked a few questions, and then, with a determined look on her face, exited the line and announced that she was putting her special baby shampoo back on the shelf and stocking up on JR LIGGETT'S shampoo bar. Ah, success! Another convert! Some people do get it!


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