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June, 2010


We now live in a world that is so fast paced and changing daily. Changing from anything we once recognized and claimed as our own, to something that seems to be way out of control by anyone. Way strange, void of the familiar, what we once thought to be a time eternal way of life is now vanishing before our very eyes. 

The landmarks of our life are now taking on new meaning. Once you worked for maybe one, maybe as many as 5 different companies in a lifetime. Once upon a time everyone had a house, had a job, had children, ate dinner together, took vacations, had family outings, picnics.

Our world has been set upside down, where nothing resembles what it was. Like our lives were a ball of clay being reformed into an unfamiliar unrecognizable object. That is what life now feels like for so many people in this nation, in this world.

Politics, finance, private corporations, the very cornerstones of our society are in chaos with no apparent regard for the long lasting consequences of their actions. Like the enormous oil spill now gripping this nation, it is the largest single environmental disaster we have ever had to come face to face with and it is changing and extinguishing so many ways of life all by itself.  All in the quest for more of the life-blood of the world that pumps through every vein of society in so many forms. Most of which are toxic threat to human life.

Did you know that most all liquid shampoos today are made using oil by-products like sodium laurel sulfate the principle detergent in most all liquid shampoos, toothpastes, liquid soaps, and even the bubble baths you bath your babies and children in. It has literally crept into every crack and crevice of modern society and the products they use.

JR LIGGETT’S long ago took a very firm stance against using anything related to petroleum oil in any of our products. We use only oils from seeds grown on our planet, sustainable oils that are harvested and eaten by people to promote their health, their existence, and their way of life.

A couple of years ago I got a letter from a little old lady in Wisconsin who said she didn’t have very much money and lived on a fixed income. She could not afford much beyond the daily necessities of life, but she said, “I buy your shampoo which for me is a luxury item. It is a small thing, but just for a moment I can feel that I am treating myself to something special, something that I look forward to. One little moment just for myself”.

I think for most people, the act of taking a shower or bath by nature is a very personal and private thing. It is not selfish or possessive, just a time when one can be all by themselves. To drop for a moment all the cares and stresses outside the shower curtain and just relax and pamper yourself and make yourself feel good, a real rejuvenation process. And yes I can fully understand how the little lady from Wisconsin found such pleasure and gratification in a simple little shampoo bar.

This is the “why” for me. What makes it all worthwhile. If I can change even one person’s life and make it a little bit better, help them through the day, than this is what makes my world go round. We do not use “petroleum oil” in any of our products; we use completely renewable and edible natural vegetable oils, the type of oils that were designed to sustain and nourish the human body.

Joy wrote a piece up above this one that ask you to rally, to march into local stores and ask for and request the stores to stock our products. I am asking you to tell your family and friends, order a spare bar for a friend or family member. Our shampoo truly makes our world a better place to live.

Please forward this newsletter and the other ones we have produced on to all the people you know and care about, all the people in your address book if you would. Visit us on facebook and tell us what you think.

Here at JR LIGGETT’S we are trying to improve the world “One head at a time”. We look upon it as a very personal challenge, and we appreciate greatly your help and your support. At the same time I believe we are giving you a healthy, effective, and enjoyable alternative to the multitude of other less sustaining products that dominate the stores we shop in. My promise to you is that JR LIGGETT’S will help all of us in a small way cope with the world you and I live in.


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