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March, 2010

Fergie's Favorite Shampoo

Did you know we add Neem Oil to 'My Dog Fergies Shampoo'?  Incredibly interesting stuff, Neem oil is. Taken from the bark and leaves of the Neem tree which grows mostly in Asia, Africa, and Central and South America, Neem is a natural insect repellent against fleas, ticks, and biting insects.  It's also effective in the treatment of mange and can be safely used on most animals. Simply put, Neem oil just plain helps dogs!

We add Neem oil to My Dog Fergie's Shampoo for the benefits of a shiny, soft coat and healthy, problem-free skin.  If one bathes their dog often with a harsh, detergent based shampoo, the natural oils that protect the skin and that are necessary for your dog's comfort and skin health, will be stripped away resulting in problem-producing scratching and itching.  Fergie's detergent-free shampoo is so gentle and mild, it only removes the excess oil and dirt, leaving behind a soft to the touch, shiny coat and a fresh, clean, appealing scent. And as a dog lover, I haven't turned away a fresh smelling dog yet!  And now you can indulge your dog in those much wanted and appreciated belly rubs and scratches behind the ears!

Fergie says, if the shampoo is good enough for her, it's good enough for her best friends!  Paws up!

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