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March, 2010


Natural Oils vs Organic Oils

It's our feeling that there's been considerable confusion out there about Natural Oils vs Organic Oils and we'd like to clarify:  We use mostly natural oils in our products, as there is no direct advantage in using Organic Oils in our manufacturing process.

When we manufacture our shampoo, all of the oils we use are combined with sodium hydroxide and are chemically changed to the point that the unique properties separating natural from organic are virtually eliminated by nature of the "saponification" process the individual ingredients go through to become a singular new item called soap, or in our instance a shampoo bar (because of the formulation we use).

By not using organic oils in our formulations we can save customers a great deal of money and not suffer any loss in quality what so ever. Where Organic Oils can make a noticeable difference is when they are taken internally or used topically. We do use Organic Oils in some products like our Foam Face & Body Washes, as well as at least two of our most popular Bar Shampoos, where they can used directly.

In the instance of our Shampoos, the Organic Jojoba Oils are added just before the end of the mixing process, so as to keep as much of the original properties of the Organic Oils intact. This is where Organic Oils are used in a proper manner. Where they can be utilized by the body.

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