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May, 2010

Having this much fun makes time fly on by!

It has been nearly 30 years now since we first came out with our Original Shampoo Bar and Shampoo Shelf that came with a bar of Original Shampoo inside it, the first two products that started our company. I remember walking into the Bedford, NY Natural Foods store (back then called a "Health Food" store) and meeting with the manager. I told him all about my shampoo, gave him a sample to try and some literature with prices. He went home that evening and tried it and the next day I got a call with our first order. I think that store is gone now, but we are still here.
Living in New York at that time, I called up 100 stores in New York City and did the same as I had done in Bedford. Told them about my shampoo, sent out samples and out of  the 100 stores I got 75 orders. I thought that was pretty good.
Well a lot has change since then. Our products are now widely distributed to Natural Food stores all over the nation by the largest distributors in the US, and now we even have distributors in Sweden and South Korea selling our shampoo and other products.
It is quite interesting seeing our newest "Ultra Balanced" Shampoo Bar just being introduced. So much has changed but on the other hand so much has stayed exactly the same, like the letters I receive weekly. They are just as refreshing now as they were almost 30 years ago. There are so many people right now, for the first time, just discovering  the wonders of JR LIGGETT'S Bar Shampoo.

Now there are blogs, browsers, Facebook, Twitter, websites, all brought on by the Internet to spread the word. Back in the beginning there was only word of mouth as we didn't have money to put toward advertising. I still consider word of mouth to be the best form of advertising, it seems people simply can't resist sharing something good with the ones they care about.
On the horizon we are coming out soon with another great item to make traveling with our shampoo easier yet so stay tuned! It shouldn't be long at all, we just keep having fun with it!

Thank you!




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