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November, 2010

annapolis boat

what's in a boat show?

Aside from the many beautiful sailboats, anchors and sail makers, there are sailors, lots and lots of sailors, along with sailing magazines and distributors of all things marine.

Now why would we be attending The Annapolis Boat Show, the largest Sailboat show in the US? Simple - to introduce a lot of people who could benefit from finding out about our shampoo bars and other products.

A somewhat specialized market you might think but our shampoo is exceptional for boaters of all types. Be they Sailboats, Motorboats, Cruise boats, whatever. Our shampoo makes traveling on them both easy and rewarding.

To start out with - No it doesn't work in saltwater... but then again who would want to wash your hair or body in salt water to begin with? BS anchorBathing in saltwater leaves your skin and hair never really dry, it's sticky and yucky, and your are still covered with salt! No thanks when there is such a terrific alternative such as what J.R.LIGGETT'S Bar Shampoo has to offer.

Our shampoo requires so little water to wash and rinse there is no excuse for not having clean hair when ever you like. Who ever said you have to look and feel "salty" just to be a sailor?

We handed out numerous J.R.LIGGETT'S sleek new "eZ-pouches" containing our new Ultra Balanced Bars to people at the show, at seminars, and at booths. Editor at large for "Cruising World Magazine" and sailor extraordinary Herb McCormick was given one after a seminar he spoke at along with Mark Schrader captain of Ocean Watch, the sailboat that carried Mark, Herb and crew on a 28,000 miler circumnavigation "Around the Americas" as if it were one large island. They were both quite interested in what we gave them and how it could be of benefit to other sailors.

Don Street was also a recipient of our shampoo and carrier. This man has so many miles under his belt from years and years of sailing that I knew he would  realize and appreciate what we gave him.

J.R.LIGGETT'S Bar Shampoo not only makes sense from a water conservancy standpoint on a boat with limited supplies of fresh water, but it also takes up so little room and weight only 6 ozs including the pouch. This mere 6 ozs though translates to the equivalent of nearly a 24 oz bottle of liquid! It doesn't spill as a liquid would and takes up very little room when stowed in your sea bag.

If you are still into shaving everyday while offshore (just because you like to), there is no reason not to as again our shampoo bar is exceptional for shaving and leaves your face clean and smooth, lubricating a mans beard or a lady's legs to give you an ultra smooth shave. And again it rinses off quickly and easily with no irritation and is extremely mild and hypoallergenic so even people with allergies and skin sensitivities can use our shampoo bars with great results.

Oh for that quick fresh water shower when you are lucky enough to be afforded one, again it rinses quickly so again not much water to feel refreshed and clean.
Washing out that salt-crusted tee shirt and swimsuit, oh yea! J.R.LIGGETT'S Shampoo Bars love fabric and clean it so mildly that it does not damage either the color or fibers, and did we mention that it rinses quickly and easily.

Win/Win solution.

Yes a large boat show like this is about more than just the beautiful yachts exhibited. It sure is fun touring them though, imagining yourself off somewhere in the South Pacific enjoying swaying palm trees, sunshine and a warm ocean breeze... ah maybe someday.

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