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November, 2010

Nanak's Lip Smoothie, SPF 15

totally top of the line
(and free for 10 days)

From his ranch in Taos, New Mexico, in the shadows of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, our good friend Sananda offers us his pure and natural skin care essentials made with heedful attentiveness and appreciation of the myriad healing, rejuvenating, and flavorful properties of nature' plants and herbs. In this Land of Enchantment, where scrub trees and golden-leafed Cottonwoods stand as sentinels against the enormous expanse of light and raw beauty, in this land of the meshing of ancient cultures, and with a deep connection to the earth, Sananda has developed with perception and intuitive thought and utmost care, his moisturizing lip balms and healing skin repair products. Recognizing their outstanding effectiveness, J.R.LIGGETT'S has seen fit to offer these products to loyal customers... tell me, would J.R. be a party to anything less?

ananda and hannah"Sananda, Hannah (his better half) and I have been good friends for many years, our first meeting was sharing a booth at a Natural Foods Tradeshow. This first meeting seemed to click for both of us and since have spent some wonderful times together. I decided a few years back to add his line to our products on our website and since have done very well with them. They are truly unique and superior to any other items like them on the market. Simply the Best there is!"   JR LIGGETT


moothies NovNanak's Lip Smoothies, all natural, and produced by hand for nearly 30 years, heal and soften chapped and moisture-robbed lips, protect from the drying sun, and harsh winds in summer or winter. Active sunscreen:PABA, SPF factor: 10. The ingredients are pure vegetable oils (Canola which is easily absorbed and for all skin types), moisturizing almond, apricot (provides natural moisture for sensitive, dry or inflamed skin), Jojoba (promotes skin healing and is a bacteria fighter), beeswax (produced by honeybees, a superior barrier cream), lecithin, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera (moisturizes), and flavor. The Smoothies come in four captivating flavors; a warm, delicious 'taste' of Coconut, sweet, fragrant Almond, bracing, sparkling fresh Spearmint, and Unscented. Shall we say, 'icing on the cake'?

The X-TREME Smoothie and indeed, all of Nanak's Smoothies are aptly named... they glide on smooth and soft, never gummy, thick, slick, nor with a strong, medicinal smell. With an SPF factor of 15, they are superior for all outdoor sports, use, and activities; skiing, surfing, tennis, mountain climbing, camping, biking, bird watching... wherever the sun shines or the wind blows. From my experience, I've found them indispensable when the temperature drops; my nose and hands get cold, and my lips begin to dry out... I keep my X-TREME Smoothie in my pocket and re-apply through-out the day and before bed. The Smoothies are not just for active outdoor types, but also those who would spend a lot of time in a dry-air atmosphere within a home or building.

Nanak's Skin Repair contains pure vegetable oils, beeswax, lecithin, comfrey, spearmint leaves, chamomile, goldenseal, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and vanilla. At a full, .5 ounce, this is the everything salve' for lips,

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chapped skin, eye lines, cracked hand, cuticles and even diaper rash. Comfrey has been known for centuries as a priceless herb that promotes wound healing, tissue regeneration, and is useful for the topical treatment of burns, skin ulcerations, abrasions, lacerations, flea and insect bites, or just about any skin irritation. The healing effects of comfrey are attributable to allantoin, a compound shown to speed cell production both inside and outside the body. ( Chamomile, known for it's analgesic and relaxation properties, is effective for sore, tired muscles and promotes healthy skin. Goldenseal, useful as an antiseptic, also heals skin wounds. And Lecithin... what an amazing ingredient; "an effectual emulsifier that attaches oil and moisture together. It can further allow users to abstain from skin care products containing harmful chemicals".( Lecithin restores skin's moisture. Some studies have indicated that lecithin increases the gamma globulin in the blood; this helps fight infection. It has also proved valuable in the treatment of certain skin ailments, including acne, eczema, and psoriasis. (

When carelessly using a new razor with a bit too much gusto, I experienced razor burn on my legs... out came Nanak's Skin Repair, and immediately after applying the ointment, the burning and itching stopped, and the redness promptly disappeared. On hands damaged by the exposure to the elements and over-zealous washing, Nanak's has proved to be an invaluable product for 'first aid' care. Sananda pays careful attention to what is good for our bodies.

At some point in our lives--- and for some of us who are further down the path than others--- we come to recognize that deep need and internal yearning for an earth connection... that desire that is difficult to define, yet, when we see open land, a stand of majestic trees, the flight of the hawk, the haze of a mountain range, the scent of freshly turned soil or simply feel the coolness of a pure, strong wind on our face, we know we are 'there'. Sananda' products have brought us our connection... our reality of healing and peace to body and mind and soul.

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