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October, 2010

Going to market...
or might I say markets.

I’m just now on my way to NYC to meet up with my wife and head from there down to Annapolis, MD for the largest boat show in the United States, The Annapolis Boat Show. This is always a fun show to attend, and we always meet some very interesting people. I come loaded with a number of samples of our products that I give to key people I meet like the editors of magazines (we have been featured in nearly all of the major Sailing Magazines in the country), buyers for both online stores and stores with real physical addresses. We meet writers, adventurers, circumnavigators, and people of all walks of life interesting in the same thing Sailing. Our Shampoos fit in perfectly for these people and their chosen lifestyles.

One example is John Scott and his company “Sailaway”. He is a very experienced delivery captain who sails other people yachts to destinations all over the world. Once he has made his delivery he leaves a little token of his appreciation for the owners, and he has chosen our shampoo as such a gift. It is unique, functional, and multipurpose, just the thing another sailor will appreciate.
The sailing market is just one of the many different markets J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo and products fits nicely into. There are many more such as the Natural Foods Industry where stores such as Whole foods cater to a clientele that is interested in products that are not only healthy but fit many of their concerns such as the fact that our shampoos (and everything we make) are completely vegan with no animal products or animal testing as well as using NO detergents what so ever. Ecology oriented stores also fit our profile are also lucky to be sold in many other not as large stores like “The Ecology Book Store” in Berkley, CA and “Hummers” a small distributor in Texas, both of whom have proudly carried our products for many years now.

The Outdoors Industry is yet another market that is just now discovering the value of “Green” products (we have been “Green” for nearly 30 years now). Stores such as the beautiful “Jax Outdoor Stores” in Colorado that serve Backpackers, Campers, Climbers, Bikers, Kayakers, and many others who spend time in the outdoors.  Then there are the not so large a outlets such as “Red Cliff Ascent” in Utah that caters specially to troubled inner city kids, giving many of them a first time connection to the outdoors by taking them out in the wilderness in groups for a couple of weeks at a time to connect with nature. They furnish all of their guests with our shampoo as they see this as a way to help them to connect, learn, and respect nature and all she has to offer those who are interested.

Gift Shops and Country Stores have for many years been a great outlet for our products with its “turn of the century” look it fits into many different setting comfortably giving a nice compliment to the décor of stores. They also make extremely unique gifts not necessarily found on every street corner.

Pharmacies such as the prestigious “C.O. Bigelow” in NYC have for many years offered our Shampoos to their customers (notice I didn’t use the word “Consumers” – I detest the word as it makes “Customers” sound like a bunch of mindless entities that only know how to “consume”- a degrading disgusting concept and categorization). Any way, with the special benefits afforded to persons with allergies, sensitivities, and chemical reactions our shampoos are a Godsend. What could be a more appropriate place to offer our products?

Now we also have the Travel Industry that recognizes our perfectly contemporary fit into their specialty type of stores. With a new mentality toward travel light and make one item do the job of many or “Mult-Tasking” Shampoos that come in our specially designed Natural Travelers, Mini Travelers, and new eZ-pouchs fit the bill perfectly. All are Ecologically correct, people friendly,
Foreign markets are also a big part of our appeal as well. All of our products are made right here in the USA (Cornish, New Hampshire) and we are proud of it! Our packaging and appeal is very “Old-Fashioned Americana” in look and feel. Regardless of the international politics involved the rest of the world likes to have and use products made in the USA. They know American products for the most part stand for quality and a way of life many aspire toward. We’re not talking politics here!

One market we are conspicuously absent from and have not (and will not in the foreseeable future) ventured into are the “Big Box” chain stores. Our products are to unique, to special, and to upscale to fit into this catch all concept of consumerism. I like to think that there should be places where uniqueness still is promoted such as the varied markets we choose to sell our Shampoos and other products in.

I want to thank all of you for using our products; it is you who we strive to serve. You who drive and inspire our every move. We are also thrilled by the number of stores that carry J.R.LIGGETT’S.

Thank you!



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