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October, 2010

mini traveler

 A travelers best friend, our
"Mini Traveler"!

For those of us who's 'globe trotting' consists of a more tightly encircled sphere... if the 'circles' you travel in are closer to home, if your trips are mostly short and sweet... just a brief excursion, a weekend getaway, even an over nighter... J.R.LIGGETT'S 'Mini Traveler' is the perfect solution for your needs. You might not be headed to Timbuktu, but perhaps a 'meet the parent's' is on the calendar, or that long anticipated visit to that romantic little B&B? (unless you're like me where most of the Bed & Breakfasts I come across are within the confines of my own home...and I make the bed AND the breakfast!)

Still, I like this sleek, compact, zippered pouch that is designed with ease of use and portability in mind. Even if I'm just packing for a short trip, my mantra is, "less stuff, less fuss, less stress" (I just can't say it very fast...) The Mini Traveler will arrive on your doorstep packed with 4 mini shampoo bars, .65 ounces each; 2 Original Formula Bars, 1 Tea Tree and Hemp Oil Bar (fragrance free), and 1 Jojoba and Peppermint Bar--more than enough for a weekend or a week, for hair, body and shaving needs. Simple! And that bright 'grab ya' color? Not a big deal, not a monumental issue, but why not make something simple also a visual treat?

The 'Bar Saver' wafer (included), is specially designed to be attached with water to the bar you plan to use. Just wash with the bar as you normally would, and when it's time for a replacement, simply attach the wafer to the next Mini Traveler Bar in the same manner. Easy! The 'Bar Saver' protects your bar from debris, keeps it from sticking to surfaces, and keeps it sanitary while camping, backpacking or traveling. And since it's tucked into the Mini Traveler, it's not going to adhere itself to the rest of your toiletries and make a frightful mess!

The Mini Traveler Refills are a perfect solution for your short term trip needs around or out of town and are intended to be used with the Mini Traveler. Six Mini Traveler Refill Bars are packed inside... 2 Original Formula Bars, 2 Tea Tree & Hemp Oil Bars (fragrance free), and 2 Jojoba & Peppermint Bars--enough to share the goodness with a friend! As a bonus, J.R.LIGGETT'S has added a free, useful, luxuriously soft Face Cloth when you buy the 'Mini Traveler Refills', refill bars. It absorbs moisture readily, rinses clean easily and is made of a fabric that is designed to dry quickly-- a real asset while traveling. On short trips, I often pack my own lunch, drinks, and snacks; it's a time-saver, inexpensive and healthy way to go... I stop in a little town for my own private picnic and enjoy my meal under the shade of a park tree... then, I just grab my Mini Traveler and step into a nearby restroom and clean up. Leaves a person refreshed and ready for the rest of their jaunt!

Toss the Mini Traveler in your tote, purse, gym bag, glove compartment, or desk drawer at work. Use for clean up at outdoor events, picnics, even out to restaurants. Clean up little hands and faces or, big hands and faces! A not so fond memory has surfaced here: out to dinner with a toddler, safely ensconced in a highchair (or so we thought), but dangerous nevertheless, spaghetti has been ordered and boy howdy it was not a pretty sight... those little wet wipes won't do the trick---you'd better beat a path to the restroom with your handy-dandy Mini Traveler and it's accompanying Face Cloth and do a quick wash up with a product that is child friendly and SLS-free.

Tuck it in a diaper bag, backpack, or lunch tote...anywhere you find a source of water, you're prepared. Remember, this shampoo bar is not only for your hair, use it for your body, or even an article of clothing for a quick and simple wash. And since all of J.R.LIGGETT'S Shampoo Bars are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-free, it's great for all skin types, but especially effective for anyone with dermatological issues or extremely sensitive skin.

My friend Rachel had booked a flight for a long weekend in New Orleans, and what a fiasco that turned out to be, saved only by J.R.LIGGETT'S Mini Traveler. Fortunately she had thought to pack her Mini Traveler and a few toiletries in with her carry-on bag. She's sitting in coach, crammed next to an overly friendly and chatty person, her arms and elbows glued to her sides, but with a generous amount of space to move her wrists and hands... The drink cart wheels by and Chatty Person purchases a soft drink and somehow manages to shake it a bit before opening... you guessed it, Rachel is now wearing sticky soda spray on her face and neck She grabbed the Mini Traveler and the Face Cloth and headed to the restroom for a quick clean up.

Now, you and I know the airlines rarely lose luggage... but amazingly enough, this happened to Rachel. She arrives in New Orleans literally foot loose and fancy free, as her luggage took a little side trip to Boston. Only the clothes on her back along with a toothbrush, comb and her trusty Mini Traveler. What to do? For someone less adventuresome, this could have spelled disaster, but Rachel, being the roll-with-the-punches lady she is, was not going to let this ruin a fun trip... the Mini Traveler saved the weekend! Of course, she used J.R.LIGGETT'S Shampoo Bar for shampooing, bathing and shaving (no need for the missing conditioner, shower gel, bath soap, shaving cream), but it also did double duty as a light wash for her socks, undergarments and even her T shirt. At the crack of noon, she rolled out of bed, hit the streets of 'N'arlins', and headed for the Cafe Du Monde for some wake-up jazz, cafe au lait and beignets. As for having the same clothes all weekend long?  Well, think about it, do you really need a reason to shop? Especially when you have a good excuse to pick up some cute outfits, shoes, purses, and while you're at it, why not some jewelry, perfume, make up...
Whatever direction you're headed (even if your luggage has something else in mind), with the Mini Traveler in hand, you will arrive at your destination in a convenient, cool, casual and practical way. Makes a handy 'save the day' super gift for anyone anytime of the year---and you don't have to conquer the globe to use it!



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