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September, 2010

JR Liggetts Foam Face & Body Wash


How can a girl get so lucky? "Research in the name of science", J.R. said. "Take our Foam Face & Body Wash for a test drive and report your findings to our panel..." Now this is the kind of work I like!

Shake it up! Out pours a luxurious foam, softly scented and so sublime, an absolute delight to use... moisturizing, invigorating, an utterly enticing experience! J.R.LIGGETT'S Foam Face & Body Wash gently cleanses leaving a healing layer of unique oils that are readily absorbed. It left my skin healthy, soft to the touch, and smelling simply wonderful... a true delight for my senses!

Quickly, I excitedly realized that there was much more to this product than first glance would reveal... it's not just a face and body wash, although it fits the bill perfectly; created with saponified olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil with safflower oil, almond oil, hemp or jojoba oil and Vitamin E. It does not contain any harsh, detrimental detergents whatsoever to harm or dry out your skin, and upon further investigation, I discovered that this product is a natural for shaving... a little goes a long way! It goes on smooth and gentle, rinses off completely, and moisturizes skin to perfection, resulting in a terrific shaving experience. And will wonders never cease? It's also an extremely effective facial cleanser and make-up remover. The Foam Face & Body Wash is true to it's name---for complete body use!

However, at this point, I became a bit serious---it does happen once in awhile... We know J.R.LIGGETT'S products are known for their economy and value, but having personally learned about, held in my own hands, and used J.R.'s products, I have become firmly convinced of another key attribute; the superior quality of the ingredients. For our personal health and safety, only natural scents derived from pure essential oils and natural fragrances are used. Factor in the aforementioned economy and value (one product's multi-tasking abilities-- thus saving us a hefty chunk of change), and you hold in your hands not only an all-encompassing, exceptionally made, well thought out product, but one made with integrity... a precious commodity that we don't always see a lot of today-- a 'walking of the talk', if you will. 'Our Total Commitment To Your Body' is not just an idle promise.

Several appealing scents are available to choose from...
Lemon-lime; a light citrus smell, a most refreshing and cool, clean scent that invigorates yet calms and relaxes.
White Sage; delightfully masculine, not flowery or heavy and overpowering, a nice, clean scent. It's just right...
Western Slope; truly original, 100% distinctive, intriguing and mysterious, romantic and pure, it's Native American in origin.
Unscented; for people with allergic reactions, chemical sensitivities, or to use with Aroma Therapy.

and several convenient sizes...

  • 1.5 ounce Travel Size foamer that is terrific for traveling;   tuck it in your purse, overnight bag, etc.

  • 7 ounce that's designed for your bathroom sink or shower, but don't be shy...set this next to the kitchen sink to take full advantage of the necessity of frequent hand washing.

  • 16 ounce refill to promote a reusable and recyclable alternative to a disposable oriented world.

And get this... if you send in your empty 16 ounce refill bottle, J.R.LIGGETT'S will refill it for just $16 which includes the cost of shipping! Is this smart thinking or what?

Well J.R., I stepped up to the plate, did the research and completed the task at hand... it was a tough job, but someone had to do it! I've returned from my test drive arriving safely home; healthy, happy, satisfied, and with money to spare!



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