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January, 2011

Happy New Year


- flair -

what ever you want to call it, it's what is alive, makes things move, keeps things fresh.
New beginnings, new years they are the same. A chance to improve and make things better and easier for oneself and the ones close to you.

A clean page means you can create what ever you want. New image - new surroundings - new lifestyle, new point of view, a new you - it's all possible.

New problems always seem to come along with the equation though, and it is the way you solve these problems that make all the difference in how they affect you. Make one choice and you get one or more ramifications, make another and whole new set of variables present themselves. So be sure that what you want is what you need and not just an aberration or tentative off the cuff "want". As the price may be far steeper than you had envisioned and leave you as they say "up the proverbial creek without a paddle". Think! Then plan what you need, what will actually really help you.

Many of the biggies are weight loss, more exercise, better diet & more money. Each of these can be a steep climb so plan your new direction carefully and thoughtfully so as to stay the course and reach your goal. One - and it can take only one - false move can derail all the careful work you have invested and you fall right back where you were before or worse. That silly "little" cookie, that morning sleeping in... you know how it can start, and finish.

For the group here at JR LIGGETT's we plan to make this year bigger and better than any of the proceeding. Taking care of long overdue projects, more efficiency, new products, wider distribution, and taking advantage of some of the great suggestion from you the people who make it all happen for us. We want to be better.
May your New Year be what you want it to be, in brilliant color!

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