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January, 2011

A New Year
A New Decade

Many many years ago, when we first started out, all we had were two products and a huge idea. Way before people (and other companies) developed a consciousness for all of the resources our Earth is being depleted of. For all the maladies that "modern" living and to quote a Dupont theme "Better living through Chemistry".

Oh yea, guess that has proven itself with all the maladies now attributed to "the chemistry" in making our world better. Pollution on all levels from the Oceans with their plastic islands the size of Texas, the poLlution of our lands and streams with the residue from mining, the dumping of chemicals, and the thoughtless exploitation of all of our natural resources.
Now, lets get down to the people who live here on our planet earth. Chemically produced "petroleum based" detergents are rampant in the all the societies of the world, affecting people, plants, animals, fish, and the very air we breath. Affecting all of us!

JR LIGGETT'S was started with a higher set of values in mind. Our first products were sold and distributed to "Health Food" stores long before they were to be known as they are now "Natural Foods" stores. Back when many of the items available in them were usually overpriced, in short supply, and may not have worked as well as you would have liked - BUT- you knew they were better for you than the stuff being sold to the mainstream consumers of the world.

We were selling a product that actually helped people, one to be justly proud of.

Our products worked just as well then as they do now, and still represent the same value and quality. Our shampoo has been acclaimed over the years by such a wide variety of people it is astounding. Just take a look at our website: and read a few of the "Letters" we have received over the years. You will find people there relaying how, with their allergies, sensitivities and chemical reactions (many if not most caused by the wonderful chemicals in products we use daily) JR LIGGETT'S shampoo and other products have changed their way of life. From being without an acceptable means of even cleaning their hair, to now having a beyond acceptable to a totally superior shampoo that works well for them.

Chemotherapy is another success story attested to, by letter received. People who have undergone this extremely invasive procedure for cancer usually loose their hair and when it finally regrows resembles little the hair they had previously. People who were using our shampoo before undergoing chemotherapy said their hair didn't change but stayed the same. People who started using our shampoo after their treatments found their hair quickly came back to what they were used to before the chemotherapy.

The two products we first started with: Our Original Shampoo Bar and Our useful Shampoo Shelf bar holder. Now if you take a look at our website we have 6 different types of shampoo, items to make traveling with our shampoo easy (and have traveled all over the world), plus Body Washes, Body Scrubs, wonderful Body Oils and more.
Yes we have come along way over the decades since we first started and are looking forward to an even more expansive and exciting decade ahead.

Hello 2011 - fasten your seat belts and join us - we're taking off!

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