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Multi-Purpose Survival Tool

New packaging... new value! Free Camptowel included!

What a natural and timely addition to our shampoos!

This masterpiece of design and function fills an obvious void: How do you make traveling with our shampoo a pleasurable experience?

That has been the question from the beginning!

It has to dry the bar between uses – it has to not leak – it has to make removal of the bar an easy process – it has to be durable and adaptable to backpacking and camping – it has to look cool – and work simply.

...That’s all.

Our shampoo, being 100% biodegradable and earth friendly, is sensational for traveling, backpacking and camping. In a suitcase spanning the globe or in a backpack in Montana “A Natural Traveler” now makes it easy, fun, and cool.

Our patented design functions perfectly, does not leak, is durable, and is outrageously contemporary. It is made from recycled plastic and is not meant to be a disposable. How unique!

Earth friendly and people friendly.
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Back packer

“Be A Natural Traveler”

Our shampoo is totally environmentally friendly: 100% biodegradable, no detergents, and completely non-polluting, it is a natural for the out of doors. “A Natural Traveler”™ makes it easy to trek into the wilderness, enjoy staying clean, and still leave “no trace”, no environmental pollution behind.

Just hang it from a branch or your backpack when traveling -- it dries effortlessly without leaving a mess.

Or pack it away inside of your pack and don’t worry about. No liquids to carry or to spill.

J.R.LIGGETT’S OLD-FASHIONED BAR SHAMPOO™ is one of the only shampoos on the market truly designed for the outdoors that does not contain detergents. The only one that really works well! Use it to wash your hair, your body, your clothes, and your dishes.

Be conscious of our environment and use a product that is completely compatible with it.

A Natural Traveler visits the Great Wall of China
A Natural Traveler visits the Great Wall of China (Richard Golding "World Traveler"11/25/2001)
Arctic Barb
Barbara enjoying “A Natural Traveler”™ 500 miles south of the Arctic Circle

Please send us a picture of yourself

with “A Natural Traveler” in an exotic place and we may put it on our web site just like we did with Barbara. Be Outrageous!


Just a few reasons to take it camping with you: