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A number of years ago, after discovering an old
New England recipe for this wonderful and unique
hair shampoo, I began making it. My family and I
fell in love with it, even our dogs. Friends asked if
they could try my homemade bar shampoo.
So I gave them some.

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J.R. Liggett's Old Weathered Sign.

The amounts I made kept getting larger and larger. My friends always seemed to come back for more. They said things like: "it doesn't irritate my scalp" "I have grey hair and this shampoo doesn't give it a yellow look", "My hair's fuller and feels healthier."

Finally, I figured that if my family, my friends and
myself enjoyed this shampoo so much, there might
be others out there who would feel the same way.
Since 1985 we have sold hundreds of thousands of
bars to people all over the world.

Shelley and Dan packaging Tea Tree bars
By Hand

Today, well over a decade from when we sold our first bars, we are still getting letters from people (see Letters page) who are still excited over having just discovered our shampoo. Now we have other products that are just as unique and work well. (Check out Our Products page.)

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